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  • I love you too, dearest daughter!!kiss miniI feel my most important job now as a Mama is to Love, Support and Be there for my children when I can. And I will!!


    I first joined OFAM because Hope asked me once when I became Old Fashioned LOL. I never thought I was OF or AM, I am who I am because that was the lifestyle I grew up with. My parents worked hard for their lives with their five sick children. (I am the oldest with three brothers and an adopted sister)  We were each born with different, serious and sometimes life-threatening medical problems and spent much of our childhood at the doctor, hospital or on the way there. I grew up in the 1960s in a small town in Northern California.. Daddy worked at the mill and Mama stayed home to take care of us. They both went to school full time. My mother is very smart, with several degrees. I was very sick when I was younger. I didn't go to kindergarten; instead my mother taught me at home (this is before homeschooling was popular). My mother was going to school at that time to teach EMR (another term not used today <Emotionally and Retarded> ). By the time I went to first grade, I could read the second grade reader, write very neatly, and do above average math. This was good, because I still was sick, missing 100 days of first grade.

    My parents had, and still do, a small farm. We grew every kind of produce you can think of. All our trees were fruit trees. We had a variety of animals: a cow named Buttercup, other cattle, pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits, sheep. All this crammed into just one acre. My parents won't waste a thing, not even land! My mama loves to can. She has nearly half the garage full of canning and two freezers full of food. I think she learned all this from her mama, who was Mormon. Mama loves to sew, knit, crochet, and does the most beautiful tatting you ever did see. My mama is strong and will prove it to anyone. I never liked it when she sang, "I can do anything better than you...", but she can!

    I just went to see them in October. They host the family reunion every year. It had been thirty-three years since all five of us were together at one time. It was a bittersweet time. Daddy isn't well and is preparing their property "so that Mama will be able to take care of things" when he's gone. My parents are profound Christians and raised us kids in a loving Christian home and church. God's word and His love are first and foremost in their lives. They open every morning with prayer, we hold hands and say grace before each meal, and they host house church every Sunday night. I wish I could have had a marriage like theirs. They have been married fifty-three years and  love, respect, give gratitude, hold hands and kiss and enjoy each other's company today just as much as they did when they were younger.  

    Quoting epoh:

    My favorite memories of my mama is from the rare occasions we went out to eat. I would eat and eat until I was sick, sleepy, and stuffed. I'd always curl up in a ball next to her and lay my head on her lap. She would stroke my hair and talk to my dad, and I always felt so warm and fuzzy. Even as an adult I find myself just wanting to lay down in my mama's lap after I eat. I wish I still could :)

    my mama has always put up with so much crap from me, especially when I was a teen. I pray Joli doesn't turn out to be such a wretched teenager. But we healed when I birthed Joy. I didn't want my mom there at all, and I told her that. But when those contractions were hitting, I bawled and cried for my mama to be there. She was at the hospital in an instant and me finally becoming a mommy helped me heal from all the anger I had towards her. I finally got it. I feel Joy's birth began the healing process from years of us fighting.

    And then for her to be there in an instant for E's birth. . . The midwife wasn't sure it was labour, but I called my mom and she was over in minutes and did amazing. I'm so grateful, because without her I would have birthed baby by myself with a toddler. My mom took my cues and listened. I told her to take Joli and to be quiet. She entertained Joli until I yelled that E was crowning, and she came and caught him. She stepped up those days after and pampered me! She made sure I had my herbal sitz prepared at all times, that there was a hot meal when I needed it, did the grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning. . . Amazing. I'm so glad she stepped up--I couldn't do it myself.

    And even now, she's there when I need her most. When E is fussy and I just need someone to hold him so I can eat dinner, or shower. When Joli needs mama time she helps with that. When I'm in a financial bind and don't know what to do, she helps the best she can to ease my anxiety.

    My mama has helped ME become a great mama. I hope she reads this, and truly understands the amazing enormous effect she has had on my whole life. I <3 you sahjmom.

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