Question: Did you know that Gold was the color that represents Childhood cancer?




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Hi ladies,

This is something close to my heart and any little thing I can do to help raise awareness I vow to do.  Many people don't like to think about children and cancer in the same sentence, but unfortunately it is a reality to many families in this world.  So many children are affected by this disease yearly and so little is really known about it.  We need to come together and help them in this fight.  We have the easy part of helping raise awareness, they have the hard fight against this monster!! I hope you gals can help me!

 I am here asking for your support.  I need your help in raising awareness for childhood cancer.  It does not cause you anything at all.. Please "like" the page below in Facebook and suggest to your friends. Help me rally against this horrible disease that takes away our children way too early.  Let's give these children a chance to look forward to the first day of school, the first visit from the tooth fairy, Halloween, Christmas, and everything else our children enjoy.  Let's help the parents enjoy these firsts also.  Every parent should be able to see their kids graduate, walk down that aisle, or even just seeing them take those first steps as an infant.  I want to thank you all in advance for your support.  Let's paint this town GOLD!!!! 

You will also find many facts about Childhood Cancer that you might have not known.


 Unfortunately out of all these precious angels only one is still fighting.  The rest have earned thier Angel wings this past year.


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