let me just tell you why i havent been here for a long time...1) husband and i were on the verge of a divorce when he got sick, i walked in on him having a full blown seizure in the middle of my living room. after many test and several different meds they are under control but never determined the cause. we have been working on trying to save our marriage, but i feel like something is missing.

my oldest son is at that age where he is right and everyone else is wrong. he has been smoking pot and fooling around with girls. i cry all the time wondering what i did wrong why he hates me so much

the youngest one still loves me at least for now...lol

step son had a job lost a job and still lives at home not helping out or paying for anything sleeping all day and is almost 20

i have gained about 20 lbs and have been trying to lose it but am having no luck. i quit my job to work a better job but am now wishing i didnt do it,  not as much money and causes probs with relationship. have a few really good friends to talk to but i dont get to see them much...and now the flu is going through the house.

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Nov. 8, 2010 at 9:15 AM

I feel for you. It seems like every mother will go through many phases but one happens  more often than not and it's the i hate mommy or daddy phase. One day they will appreciate you... sometimes something has to happen before someone straightens out their act. I really hope that is not the case for you. I'll pray for you

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