I have tried to do everything that I can to start buying christmas for my children, it has come down to this I swear that I am only working to pay the sitter that I have, so after I pay her I dont have any money left to get my children anything, I bothers me because I always had a christmas growing up and I just want them to experience what I did, but for me t provide christmas I am going to have to find a second job and then I might not even see them because I will be working so much...Help

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Nov. 8, 2010 at 10:15 AM

My mother was a single mom for a little while working really hard to support the four of us. She did what she could and so much more by teaching us the values of life and morals. Everything is a precious gift. Make special things with your kids and start off a new tradition. you might have old papers, glue, and scissors somewhere. and if it really gets to a point that you want to buy them an extra special thing, create a Santa IOU and then surprise them when you get that chance. Good Luck

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