in case you haven't heard... me and brandon are no longer together!!! i actually caught him cheating on me with the girl who was supposed to be my bestfriend. yes, i actually walked in on them. 

no hard feelings though. at this point i'm too happy to even care. not friends with either of them, and its already been a month and a half. im actually relieved... i had a month of space, no listening to anyone! i am now living in benton city with my sister and all 6 of our kids. lol. she took me under her wing, and is basically my rock. she introduced me to new people.... so yeah..... i have moved so far on that i dont hang out or really talk to any of my old friends since most of them were "our" friends!!! 

and for the shocker....... i have found someone, and am dating  him! he's amazing with my kids, a good family man, lots of fun, and treats me great!!! i almost didn't date him, until my sister told me to give it a try. all the other guys i liked were losers and on "their time" well Jamie is not like that. i can honestly say i think this one will be another long term relationship for me :)  

well thats my update!!! :) 

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