cornucopiaHello Cafe Moms.My name is Erin Crenshaw.I am kind of new to this site.Well I guess I can syart off by telling you guys a little bit about myself.First thing first I am a single mom of 1 her name is Gabrielle Renee Crenshaw she is 4 years old.She is the joy of my life.She started headstart this year.She loves it,She has made a bunch of friends.She is a people person,she gets that from me.I call her my social butterfly.I am 30 years old.We live with my mother but I am currently looking for a olace for the two of us but it is not because we don't like living with Granny and my mom because we do,its just time for our own place.Me and my family love spending lotrs of time together.We love family otings as well.I have a very large family and it is still growing to this day.I have a younger brother.His name is Casey. He has a family as well.His daugthers name is Jolie.She a year and half.Well I think thats all I have for now.I will update soon.

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