Hi all!! 

I hope your week has started out well.  It's a bright & sunny day today but pretty chilly. Yesterday , I wasn't feeling well & felt like I was gettting sick & couldn't warm up. I had chills all day. Around 5 something I ended up with a migraine . I took my temp. & it was normal. Anyway, I'm feeling better today thankfully. This weekend was busy. Saturday evening was our community Thanksgiving dinner then yesterday morning was church then a harvest meal. Yummy!! Even if I wasn't feeling well. Anyway... I hope things are going well & your enjoying your day. Serena's 33 wks now. She goes back to the drs Friday.  She went to the specialist last Thursday & all is good. She's head down & weighs 5 lbs already!!  We all can't wait to see here.   :  ) Well have a good day.

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