I completed my very first 5k yesterday!!! YAY!! It was tough, a lot tougher than the sunset sprint..You wouldnt think that adding 1.1 more miles onto it would make it that much harder, but it did. I am so glad that I did it though, it was a great feeling. I even made a new friend..Its not often that you meet someone you totally click with, I think I have only had that happen a couple of times in my entire life..Yesterday was one of those days! I guess that I needed that to happen to put things into perspective. I'm sure it might have happened sooner, but I wasnt ready to let it..The past couple of months have been such a rollercoaster. I have gone up and down - trying to make something happen that just wasnt meant to be. For whatever reason, the cards just keep getting knocked down. No matter how much I try and fight it, things will never be the same..I am finally able to accept that and move on. I am finally ready to meet some new people and get on with this new chapter in my life..I am ready to remake myself into this person that I know I am suppose to be. I am determined to be healthy, and I want to be an athlete. It is going to take a lot of time, tears, and hard work..I have met so many new people that make surrounding myself with this positive feeling easy. The most important person in this equation is me...If I think I can do it, then there is nothing to get in my way...So I am saying goodbye to the old me.......hello to reality

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