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 I have autoimmune issues. I am also in a couple different chronic pain groups and have seen some things that really bother me.  I just want to say this as I see it.  Unless you have graduated from college with a degree in natural pathology or naturalopathy or have many many manyyyyy years of working exprience you should NOT suggest or offer oils and herbs to people with chronic pain issues.  We are in more pain then you can imagine and are desperate. We very well may trust you.  

You must know and consider ~ we also are more then likely taking medications that we may or may not discuss with you.  These medications range from minor tylenol to strong level 3 and 4 pain meds, biologics (if you dont know what this is look it up and you def. should NOT be peddling herbs and oils to the public).  Do you have any idea of what drug interactions there could be with herbs oils and prescription meds?  From the smallest mabey an itchy the biggest death. 

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.......... your not Dr. Quinn Medicine Women.  Just getting your certification from some website online does not qualify you to suggest herbs and oils to people you dont know a darn thing about.   Do us a favor and do not come into chronic pain groups to only offer your wares to women who are desperate for relief.  We may or may not know drug interactions ourselves. We may not even consider drug interactions.  We are hurting and trust that you know what your doing and know drug interactions.  I realize your trying to make a few bucks.......this does not entitle you to make a few bucks on peoples life and livelyhood.

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 6:37 PM

Excellent post Kathy...I can't tell you how many times I have seen this very thing..shudder...

I have been studyig herbs for a very long time and still feel inadequate as far as suggessting a remedy..those I know well, I offer a suggesstion , like mint tea for a cold or chamomile to get to sleep a little easier...but never to sell.... and always tell them to talk to their dr. first..

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