Church is something I struggle with. I was raised Catholic and since I became an adult I have struggle to find my place in my church and ultimately just walked away. I wish I knew what was holding me back but I don't. I have tried different Catholic Churches and I was regularly going a nice Christian church until I found out they spend a lot of money on themselves. It just didn't feel right anymore. So I have been wondering around trying to find a church that me and my children could call home. One of my good friend has been having the same struggle about the church we were both raised in a found a nice christian church that is very big has a lot of activities and has sunday school for each of my kids so they learn something about Jesus. When we come home my husband has brunch ready and we talk about what we learned. (my husband doesn't go to church yet). Yesterday I was gona stay home. But I friend called me and said are you goin to church? So I went and knew that it was meant for me to there. I came home very emotional. A lot was runnin through my mind. A lot of what the Pastor was saying really applied to all aspects of my life. I felt like my eyes were opened. So I shared with my husband in private. I was crying and just had a lot to say. That time in talking with my husband yesterday was about as precious as welcoming my children into this world. I feel like the changes that I have been wanting to desperately to change is now in the palms of my hands. I feel free and excited!! I realize that somethings that I focus on are so not important and that I have to believe in myself. God trust me.


Just wanted to share in case someone out there was maybe feelin the same way.

Have a beautiful week!!!


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Nov. 9, 2010 at 8:56 PM

I mean no disrespect, honestly.. but for the record, Catholic IS Christian. I think you meant "Protestant" when you used the term "Christian."

In any case, I am glad that you have found a church home! :o)

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