It is called "In the kitchen with favorite brand name "light"" cooking" by dole, philedephia light cream cheese hersheys ext

everything is sorta semi homeade (right up my allly) but there r also some regular from scratch like the pineapple upside down cake i baked today which i had to substitue eggs with mayo (ty dh) so we will c how good that is... but the best part for me is everything is low fat the millk not butter just margerine stuff like that delicious stuff thats not to bad like the cake today had yogurt in it ummm anyway i will be posting many pix on here of things i have made how they came out ext so if ur interested keep checking back!!!!!


this book was a great deal on $4 n thousands of recipes also the back has all u need to know about fat contents sugar measurement changes ext great book for starters

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