Hi all!! 

I hope your week has started out well.  It's a bright & sunny day today but pretty chilly. Yesterday , I wasn't feeling well & felt like I was gettting sick & couldn't warm up. I had chills all day. Around 5 something I ended up with a migraine . I took my temp. & it was normal. Anyway, I'm feeling better today thankfully. This weekend was busy. Saturday evening was our community Thanksgiving dinner then yesterday morning was church then a harvest meal. Yummy!! Even if I wasn't feeling well. Anyway... I hope things are going well & your enjoying your day. Serena's 33 wks now. She goes back to the drs Friday.  She went to the specialist last Thursday & all is good. She's head down & weighs 5 lbs already!!  We all can't wait to see here.   :  ) Well have a good day.

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Nov. 8, 2010 at 9:52 PM

Hey there! Glad to hear from ya! The kids and I are doing ok. I have one evaluation down and the other next week. It's a testing that is done every three years and we work out all the therapy and services the kids need and qualify for. So far I'm satisfied with their progress. Of course my son is the one that is more of a handful. About four more months and they will both be teenagers!

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