I'm just typing this to get it out. If you read it, thank you. 

My grandma was the best person I knew! She would do anything for anyone. She would go out of her way to make people happy. She would listen to anything you had to say. Weather it be good or bad, or just had to get something off of your chest, she would be there for you. Every summer my sisters and I would go up to the lake to see them. Lake Pend Orelle, It was so beautiful up there. And it's been 5 years since I've been to that side of the lake. I got married up there 2 years ago, but it wasn't on the side that we spent all of our time at. 

She passed away on October 25th, 2007. My oldest was almost 2 years old when she passed away. She never got to meet my daughter. I never went to Arizona to see her. I didn't have the money to fly or drive down there to see her. It breaks my heart that I didn't make it happen. She would have made anything happen if she wanted it to be done. I couldn't do that, though. 

I was going to name my youngest daughter Daysee Lorraine. (My grandmas name was Lorraine). My sister had a name picked out for her future daughter, if she had a girl (she has 2 boys). I found out AFTER I had Daysee Mia that they weren't having anymore kids. I'm so heartbroken that I cannot use my grandmas name for any of my kids. I'm not having anymore kids, so nobody in my family is using her name for anything. Since my younger sister doesn't want any kids, she won't be using it either. I know I should have just used it, yes my sister would have been mad at me for a while, but she would have gotten over it sooner or later. (since she can't change my daughters name) But I don't like making people mad for no reason.

Anyways, this is just me getting my feelings out instead of taking it out on someone else. 

Thank you for reading this. And if it doesn't make sense, I'm sorry. I just had to get it out. 

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Nov. 8, 2010 at 2:48 PM

Aww! Those are the kind of things we always hope ppl will say about us when we're gone. She sounds like a lovely lady.

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Nov. 8, 2010 at 4:01 PM

She looked and sounds like she was a wonderful human being who left a mark on you and everyone she touched, keep her memory alive in your heart forever and pass it on to the little one she never got to meet, hugs to you!

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