New Fashion!       New Style!                Great Holiday Gifts!

Ladies the holiday season is upon us and NOHE Fashions would like to help you with your gift giving ideas. NOHE Fashions are now offering online parties! Are you considering the idea of hosting an online fashion party? As a NOHE Fashions Hostess, you will earn 20% of your total party sales as long as a minimum has been met, and a free tote, t-shirt, or bow of your choice. There is no limit as to the amount you can earn. The more NOHE Fashions products your guests purchase at your online party, the more you will earn!! 

As an online hostess you will be issued a unique hostess code that will be issued to your guests through the e-vite. I will use this to track your online jewelry party sales. Invite your family and friends to shop our beautiful boutique catalog, they place their orders using your hostess code, we keep track of your online sales and you earn 20%. All fashion parties will last 48 hours and is all done via email.

NOHE Fashions will provide the custom designed online fashion party invitation to your guests with your hostess code and also send a save the date reminder 3 days prior to remind everyone of your online party. Cash, Pay-Pal and Credit Cards Only are accepted.

Are you ready to schedule your Online Fashion Party today?! Let me know if you would like to schedule a party! =)





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