I believe that I am a hard working mother, a really nice person and i try to be giving to everyone who needs the help. I have always felt that if you are nice to people and do what you can for others that you will receive the same treatment from them as well. I am starting to think that maybe I am wrong, i am really starting to lose my faith in humanity. I run a low income daycare from my home, I charge next to nothing and I am really flexible with my schedule and my payment methods. I never expect to be paid until the family is paid and I never ask for more. I also never take any time off and i keep their kids happy, educated and well fed, and when it comes to me putting in a 12 hour day with the kids i dont charge any extra. I always tell my parents, if your going to be late please call me and let me know, if you kid is going to be sick please give me as much notice as you can give me so I know they are not coming, and to just be civil with me because i am really doing alot for them. Well non of the parents ever call if they are going to be late except for a couple, non of them give me enough notice if their kids are sick except for the same couple of parents, and they are always late with payments and such. I just want to be a nice person and others make it so hard. There has been so much happening to me that i wonder is i am being punished for something, granted my life is not as hard as some but sometimes i feel like its not fair. My mom passed away when i was 10 and then i was left with my father who hated me ( and yes he did hate me he told me alot) Then about 3 months after my mom died my dad started dating again and then 8 months after she died he was remarried. My dad used to verbally abuse me every single day and I have done nothing but try to impress him everyday. I finally move out on my own and have a good life a good boyfriend and then a year later... I find out I am pregnant! WOO... (i do not regret my daughter at all i just wish i would of waited) Then when i find out I am pregnant my boyfriend starts to change into a person who scared me alot of the time. When our daughter was born i was home with her everyday while he was off working and then would come home and plop his ass down in front of the tv and play video games or watch tv. I kept the house clean and looked after my daughter. 4 months after my daughter was born i started working again, looking after 2 other children for 8 hours a day until 11 at night. And i have been working without a break ever since. I now run a daycare from my home and i struggle to pay the bills, i wear the same clothes that i had from when i was pregnant and very rarely do i ever get anything for myself. My daughters father however likes to buy himself a new xbox and games frequently and new clothes and shoes for himself, when i have been wearing slippers for winter boots for 3 years. The only person i am concerned about is my daughter. Am I being treated like this because I am too nice and a pushover so people can take advantage of me.... or do i deserve it? I am just so frustrated all the time!!!

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