Well this weekend was sure different. Although it ended really great with the Minnesota Vikings beating the Cardinals in overtime! Yes I'm a HUGE football fanatic but only to the Vikings.

Anyway, I had a long talk with my family on Saturday. I explained to them how they talk to each other and disrespect each other and how it leads to arguements and fights. Even the way my daughter will say my sons' name. It's funny actually, the way they both say each others' names' when they're mad. But they realized how right I was. I couldn't believe it. Even my husband agreed. So after the conversation we spent the whole weekend together as a family other than Julia's boyfriend being with us Friday night but he left at 10pm. We played Yahtzee and watched movies. Just when I thought it was going so perfectly, we hit a road block yet again.

My son likes the movie "Avatar" and my daughter and I hadn't seen it but we knew he really liked it so on Saturday night we watched it with him and my husband. While Julia and I sat on the large couch, my husband Chris and Joey sat on the loveseat and Joey was leaning back against Chris. Then Chris noticed Joey was asleep in the middle of the movie. So he tapped him on the head a few times and Joey finally sat up and Chris asked him why he fell asleep during a movie he wanted to see and my son denied falling asleep even saying, "I give you my word I wasn't sleeping!" Then he said it again. I was infurriated! I said to him, "don't you DARE give your word when you're telling a flat out lie Joseph! We saw you asleep! How can you sit and lie to us when we SAW you?" He realized he best not deny it again after that. But Chris was hurt that he lied like that. One thing I've always taught my children time and time again is that if they always tell me the truth, no matter what they've done wrong they will not get into as much trouble. I've even proven that to them when they have confessed before of something they did wrong. I went easy on the punishments if I did punish them. I've given them every incentive to be honest with us no matter how bad they think they have messed up.

Although we forgive and forget my son makes me worry about him because of the lies lately. I have tried everything to get him to stop lying but it just seems to happen again and again. I pray that he learns this time but I don't get my hopes up.

Despite him lying like that, overall, it was a good family weekend.

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