well it has been quite sometime since i made a journal. ALOT has been going on this year and just when i think everything is going good i get knocked down again. Back in november of last yr I found out i had a tumor on one of my ovaries and had it removed the wk of thanksgiving. Then the dr that did the surgery told me that she found cancer spots on my ovaries and that she was concerned, so she referred me to a cancer specialist and to her theory i had ovarian cancer and i have had it for yrs. even after all the complaining i was doing to the numerous drs i seen in the past which told me it was nothing just cysts and to take medsfor them and i will be alright! yeah whatever!!!! i had a total hysterectomy in Jan of this yr and not just that but when they ran the ct scan they found a tumor (the size of a large lemon) on my right liver!!! so now i have this huge scar from the top of my pubic area to about 8 in above my belly button. then a week after getting the staples out my incision opened up and i had to have a home health nurse come out and change the dressings and all that, then i find out i was tunneling so then i had to get a special vac put on my stomach to help close the tunnels and the incision. i healed totally in july.

my marriage is better than before . so is my relationship with my parents. my kids are the same with their illnesses but my youngest daughter may have diabetes and she has been losing her hair, my son may be epilieptic and he has learning disabilties, and may have hearing problems. ( which i get the results on my daughter tomorrow and my son has a hearing test tomorrow also).

but in a nut shell evrything is good for now. nothing major. I pray!!!

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Nov. 8, 2010 at 7:09 PM

God has listened to your prayers and it's good that you use your faith he will never fail you!!!

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