A runner in a marathon may stumble and fall but if he is able he gets up dusts off and continues from where he fell. Often in life people feel as if they are starting over. Divorce, relationships fail, families are dispersed for reasons one can have no control over, unjust issues prevail at times and as a heart breaks one finds they must contine on...

It takes courage to get up and pursue hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel - what ever the tunnel may be. It may have been a finacial issue or any thing that has caused devistation in ones life.. The human spirit impells us to continue on the journey..dust off keep going, like the runner.

Courage is a small step at a time sometimes - a breath, a moment.. If one looks and says Oh My God!! I must start over! I am middle age and have nothing.. I am afraid.!. I have to say you are not alone.

Look though; you have life, some have family, some have friends, the daily needs are more simple, but as you go it will become better. Faith carries us through. It is in how you adjust your view.

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