Ok here goes, When my mom died i was 16, my sister was 13, my little brother was 6 and now im 25, my sister 22, my brother 13. He is a good kid and he really don't remember my mom and he really has not had no problems with that but latly he has been seeing his friends with there moms and he tells his nana your not my mom and i wish my mom was here and not you! Well he has been moping around the house and he says you know he misses our mom and he tries really hard not to cry but he don't want his nana. His nana told me today you know Vinny that is my brother looks at me as his mom well i did take care of him after she died but i could not do it for long i was only 16. His greads droped and he really don't want to do anything no more like he loves baseball, but he don't want to play it no more and she4 told me to come and apend time with him just him and i and you know talk to him tell him i love him and im here if he wants to talk you know hug him and stuff cuz he sees me as his mom, wen i did that when he was small it hurt me cuz i thought i was taking my moms place cuz he would call me mommy and it hurt so bad but now he is crying at night and he tries really hard to remember her but it is hard for him and when i tried to helo him he would just get mad he will not do counceling and i really don't know what to do should i do what his nana said and steo in or not?

simple frownsadconfusedfrustrated


thanks for help


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Nov. 8, 2010 at 7:28 PM

my mom didnt die but she was too depressed on on drugs to be a mom. i was 7 when i started caring for my 4 yr old brother and my 1 yr old brother. all my teenage years i was doing it too. to this day my youngest bro calls me mom. im 27 and he just turned 21. im sorry that ur dealing with this but i think u and ur bro should really talk

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Nov. 8, 2010 at 7:41 PM

that is really hard look for some books that migth help lead you maybe he could write her a letter and mail it on a baloon or burn it he nneeeds   to develope an ok ness with his mom being in heaven      he shouls get somone to confide in a support group

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