This is from another trusted site and from someone i trust implicitly. Call her probation officer if you have had interaction with her.
Officers name is Don Baney (515) 242-6604(on vacation this week) but ask for Jill  or just get his voice mail and leave a msg,,,,,,EVERYONE who has had dealings with this broad should do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please do this and don't leave it up to others,,stop this gal as she is causing major havoc and breaking hearts, causing undo emotional stress and with what she has been arrested for in the last six months, it seems her son needs someone else to care for him and you could help get him to a place of safety.  If she is doing this emotional crap to strangers, imagine what she is doing to a defensless little one.  Even though his dad is in the home it is obvious that no one is looking out for that little ones emotional well being.
Tracy LeAnn Bess  dob 8/26/85 (posting this because it is public info in which I got online from her court records.

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Nov. 9, 2010 at 6:48 PM I had a friend who was taken for a financial ride by a few women like this one. It was devastating, never mind what kind of life her children must have had! Good for you!

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Nov. 15, 2010 at 10:52 PM

I called Don Baney today.  Tracy scammed my husband and I last weekend.  We were in St Louis on vacation and she lured us to Iowa under the pretense that she was due December 18th but the baby would "probably come early".  It was the most bizarre weekend of my life.  She is very manipulative and needy.  She displayed very bizarre behaviour, even making us take her to the store to buy Tucks for her hemorrhoid problem.  The good news?  She was arrested shortly after i dropped her off at home for going to her ex-fiance's house , he has a no-contact order for their son and she is not allowed there.  He called the police..they came and arrested her for public intoxication.  That was in violation of her probation and today Don had me send all the info I had on her and then later emailed met to say she had been arrested.  YAY!!  I have no idea how long she will be in jail, but i do no that she does not have the option to bond out.  If anyone else has more proof of her fraudulent behaviour...please follow up with Don Baney.  We need to stop this crazy woman!

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Dec. 11, 2010 at 1:16 PM

I am Tracy besses mother. while i realize what she has done is morally wrong, i find it just as sickening to hear you people being glad that a mentally ill person is going to jail, rather than somewhere she can get the help she needs.  i had just gotten her into such a facility monday and  3hours later she was rearrested. i believe she was given a nudge to do her thing one more time, by you so called loving and caring want to be moms.the system fails over and over. enjoy your righteous pleasure at someone elses misfortune, and have a wonderful time in this season of good will


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Dec. 12, 2010 at 1:15 AM

I did feel bad for Tracy until she used the lines about knowing where the line is so that she didnt' cross it. Now I think she is evil and deserves everythign she gets. she made her bed adn you just enable her. her son is better off without her in  his life. she does nothing  but hurt and use people. She is evil!  Getting her put away will save so many peopel from hurt and harm. none of us have any sympathy left for her. last time you emailed me on Facebook yo usaid she was taking med and a good mom to her kids.. plural. There is no other child. By denying her issues and trying to make her the victim in this you just encourage this evil behavior. way to go MOM!

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May. 12, 2011 at 11:34 PM

My husband and I were scammed from 4-23-11 to today, 5-12-11. We were contacted by "Christy Masterson".  I did find out that she was arrested on 5-11-11 and I also filed charges.  I hope she sits for a long time for what she has done to those she scammed.

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