I was due April 19th and was really hoping for a May baby lol. Unfortunately a couple things happened that had me stressing over that... Friday the 30th one of the interns at the Birth Center was graduating... in Austin. So all of our midwives were leaving town that day. And Saturday was one of my husbands cousins wedding... that he was dancing in and Zavier's Godmother was the MOH. Lots of joking about me going into labour at the wedding lol. If I made it to the next Monday they were gonna give me the non stress test so I was hoping to avoid that...  I had my last appointment on Monday and every day that went by I stressed about it a little more (even though I tried not too).

Thursday came.. I remember sitting at the computer on my birthing ball and having pressure waves. I knew I should be practicing my hypnobabies stuff, esp since they were pretty uncomfortable... but I was using my 2 year old as an excuse lol. Looking back I was wanting the baby to come at that point and "enjoying" (for better lack of a word) the discomfort because it felt like something was happening. I was kind of afraid of getting rid of it and then everything stopping. Something I need to get past next time? We'll see lol.

Finally I did go put on one of my cd's and laid down in my bed room (after Kalila went to bed). I let Jas know that they were about 4 min apart, like we'd planned. I thought he was gonna be rushing home when he heard that but no... He finished out his shift lol. He got home and I got up and told him, very discouraged that they seemed to have stopped. While we were talking i had two more.. about 4 min apart again so we decided to call my midwife (and realized I'd still been having them just hadn't noticed lol... love hypnobabies!). She advised taking a shower and calling back afterwards if we really thought it was time.

I got off the phone and had 2 more 2 min apart before I even got in the shower. We laughed and decided yes it was time to go in. I think I remember Jas asking if I was gonna shower still and I said yes. That could have been in my head though. I did take the shower either way. Jas got Kalila ready and we called our midwife/headed in to the birth center. This was about 2 or 2:30 in the morning. Yes hubby worked late at that point lol.

I went in and let them check me... I'd gone back and forth over those at the end of the pg (firmly against them at the beginning) but wanted to know. When she first went to check I was only 5 cm but moved to 7 in the middle of it.  They had me go do the hebiclense because I was GBS pos and then encouraged me to walk around/go for a walk.

Jas & Kalila actually went on a taco run somewhere in there lol. I know I sat on the birthing ball when they came back. I was having a lot of back labour so it was the best position for me... I did get a pic at that point, but not a very good one lol.

I alternated between that and the bed a lot, just did not feel like going for that walk. I also remember somewhere in this part the midwives telling Jas how calm I was and I thought they were joking. Looking back I was a lot calmer than I was with Kalila though.. and looking at the pics I can kinda see it too.

I laid down and tried to sleep a bit too. Put on my birthing day affirmations and one of the other tracks for a bit. I don't remember much for a bit, just pieces of getting up for a bite of something, taking a drink and getting checked once or twice. Jas being upset because people who said they'd be there didn't come... I stayed at 8 for a good while and they started encouraging me to walk more. I got back on the ball instead and then took a short one when they decided I was close enough to 9 to start filling the tub. I walked into the waiting room.. Remember seeing my inlaws and Kalila was passed out on the floor watching Nemo. Not surrprised it was so early. We talked a few minutes and then I headed back inside.

When I got in the tub they checked and I'd made it to 9.  As you can see in the pic, we attempted to use something like a birthing skirt but it didn't work LOL. I'm just glad it got me a couple decent pics.These were taken right after I got in.

I ended up on all fours in the tub after that... Like I said before, back labour. Poor Jas hurt his knees leaning over putting pressure on my back during that time. I went back to squatting for them to do a check and remember being asked if i wanted my water broken to move things along and I said no. I wasn't actually expecting him to be born in the caul but having GBS I wanted it to happen as late as possible and I wanted it to happen on its own anyway.

Transformation (transition) I actually remember very clearly lol. I started shaking. I was having trouble staying calm so we put on the affirmations cd and at one point my midwife gave me some rescue remedy to help me calm down. I asked towards the end for help to get back in a more squatting position. They checked me again and then decided it was time to push.

Here we are discussing that lol. Yes I cut part out.

Eh... maybe this is where they asked if I wanted the water broken lol. not quite sure... :-D Either way...

I started pushing and I don't remember a lot of that. I do remember being told to push through the pressure wave and rest when it was over. Towards the end I had one that I started pushing through and just didn't stop. I didn't tell them it was over, just kept going.  I remember thinking I just wanted him out, had to get him out.. and being afraid that I was gonna tear because of it (after the fact). Thankfully I didn't.

My water never broke. They did it after he came out to get the cord off his neck. Jas was asked if he wanted to help catch and he said no lol. I took them up on it though and got to do it. Wasn't something I'd  planned but so glad I did it. 

Here's one of the pictures immediately after that.

They cut the cord a little sooner than I'd have liked (but waited longer than the hospital did w/ Kalila) but they had to draw blood from it so it may have been needed, something I'll have to discuss next time. I birthed the placenta very easily, was surprised how easy that was. Never got a chance last time (and was the start of some issues) and just assumed it'd be different. I don't know... Mostly I just remember them marveling at the size of it and how healthy it was lol.

I got out of the tub and was helped to the bathroom.. One of the midwives (the one graduating) asked if she could hold Zavier and that's when I remember hearing them guess his size. I was really confused when I was hearing 10 and a half No... We were expecting an 8 and a half baby.. maybe 9.  We'd all laughed in an appointment that he wouldn't be over 10 (yes it came up... Jas was wanting a circ still at that point and they explained that dr's balk over doing ones in the office if they're over 10lbs but he was good because Zavier wouldn't be that big.. so glad he was lol) and here i was hearing it thrown around.They were a bit off.. He's 10lbs 1oz.

I'm guessing I didn't notice at first because it'd been awhile since my last and I was still fuzzy from just having a baby... He never looked newborn though. Everyone jokes that he was born 3 months old :-)

Got in bed, he nursed easily... We had all our checks there and rested. It was really nice. We went home that afternoon. I was advized not to go to the wedding the next day :-(  I don't think I would have, but I was dissapointed lol.

Oh and Kalila's first reaction when she saw him was "boobs!"

And here's the link to the one I put on my blog -> Just in Time <- has a lot more pictures. Was written the day he was born and posted the next.

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