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If I lived beside "normal" people, I would have probably called the cops on my neighbors about 100 times already, since they moved in earlier this year. It's a couple and like two or three teenagers living there, and there are constantly about 20 other teenagers over there, or at least the boy's girlfriend. Now, I typically don't mind the slight noise that we might hear from a bunch of kids over there, but it gets annoying from time to time. What I can NOT STAND is when their son has his girlfriend over there and they're going at it so freaking hard that I can hear it over here with my heat or AC running AND my TV turned up! The first few times I heard it, I thought they were hanging pictures up with a sledge hammer. THEN a mutual friend told me that it was the kid and his girlfriend going at it. I would call the cops for disturbing the peace or whatever, but someone did that earlier this year and they almost came after us, until a girl I worked with (who is the SIL of the man over there) told them that we hadn't even been home the night that happened (which was true, she saw us out).

I've been warned by several people who know the neighbors personally to stay away from them, mind my own business, etc. So far, we've had little actual problems face to face with them, but that noise is driving me mad. I hear it sometimes during the day, sometimes in the evenings, sometimes in the middle of the night... It's woken me up before! I hope I'm outside the day that bed goes sailing out of the house through a big hole in the wall.

I really needed to vent lol.

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Nov. 8, 2010 at 9:25 PM

Sorry about that.I hate living beside someone.We live in a small town home community but it is all older couples.I know we have been the aggravating couple once or twice.We lived in an apartment and our neighbor thought that we watching a game or race cause we were so

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