with my husband being over seas and me being a mom of a 17th month old. its taken a toll on me.  i dont like to put my son in day care.. never done it and dont plan to and i guess its my fault im so stressed out with him a lot but i get a brake when i go back to indiana to vist family  witch is nice. but ive only lost 15 lbs since my sons been born and its taken a a lot out of me to be happy because no matter what i do nothing seems to work :(. my husband isnt very support of when im upset he just tells me to suck it up and work harder. kinda pisses me off and then i end up pushing myself so hard i get sick. with eating very little or working out way to much or just not eating at all... i have no friends around me right now becuase they are all fighting and i dont plan to get in the middle and take sides i need a real friend thats worth my friendship these days.  not only all this but my liscens was suspened till next year cuz missing court and didnt go to traffic school .. i know my fault but i moved 4 different places in 6 months and i think the notice gwhen to the wrong addresss and well now im stuck at my house scared to drive very far but to the stor to get food. no one helps me my friends will come here and drive me and my son back to indiana witch is awsome and they are great friends and do everything they can to help but still i need a friend here :( feeling alone and not worth anything becuase of my weight and lack of converation with someone other then a 17 month old ...

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Nov. 8, 2010 at 9:28 PM

i wanted to post because i saw that u said ur giving up and also because i feel the pain of needing to lose weight and make friends where u live. my hubby works werid hours and even though he isnt over seas my kids go a few days without seeing him. Last mar i decided i had given up and slit my wrist it didnt go as planed because im still here and i got locked up on a 72 hr hold. i weighed 210 when i delivered ds in 07 and 200 when i had ddin 08. to this day i am still trying to lose weight. its a daily struggle. I have found that if i walk the neighborhood with the kids and use their step stool and do step ups. i will listen or at least read anytime u need someone to. dont give up ur son needs u

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