Ok. So I am really upset right now. My boyfriend/penpal is in prison in CT. He is an amazing person and I love him. And we met thru his mom, who i really really love too.

Anyways. Sheldon, my man, called me last night. This is only the 4th time I have gotten to talk to him on the phone. Since our cell phones are turned off right now, I flew home from where I was doing homework so that I could get the call. I was way uber excited, and posted my FB status as being excited for a phone call. A friend called me out, knowing what I meant right away. Anyways, his mom found out, and was getting mad at me (or so it seemed) for allowing him to call me, since it could get him into trouble. He could lose his contact visits for up to 2 years. And get put into segregation, which I understand, truely I do. But, if he is willing to risk it, why should I deny him the ability to talk to me?

Anyways, my friend Pam has a man in prison, and has been pretty supportive, so I posted on her wall about how i was excited to get a call but felt like his mom was being a "butt head" **exact words mind you** about the call. I know the risks, and yet still I felt like she was attacking me, like as if I had TOLD him to call me or something.

Now, My loving Mama bear and I are in some huge fight and its making me sick to my stomach. I love my mama bear. She is amazing. Some girls complain about their MILs, but I could never see me doing that, she is so awesome. But now all of a sudden, the tables are turned. I feel like she is attacking me for the calls, for some of my FB statuses, and even for my vacation out east to see/meet my love.

She is texting me right now.  Told me she "talks me up" to Sheldon, and only says nice things. WTH? Does this mean she has a lot of negative things to say?

Why is everything falling apart???

I just want my mama bear back. I love my mama bear. And I hate fighting with her!! :'(

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Nov. 8, 2010 at 9:26 PM

wow that sucks im sorry

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Nov. 8, 2010 at 9:43 PM

does he not have phone privileges or something? i thought he did. i was confused when she posted yesterday about him losing contact privileges. whats up?

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Nov. 9, 2010 at 7:35 AM

Sari- I will explain the calls to u via text. Baically, they are expensive, and the way we do it could get him into big ass trouble. If he gets caught doing it the way we do it, then he could lose his contact visits, which he just got back in June.

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