The Linhai Bighorn 28Side by Side brings new meaning to the word “Value”. At first glance the shiny aluminum wheels and aggressive tires made me think that this UTV should cost a lot more than the $7,495 Canadian retail price. This thing looks similar to a Yamaha Rhino, but costs half of what a Rhino does.

One of the first questions I was asked when riding this Side by Side is: Who is Linhai? Sure, in Canada the Linhai brand is new, but I was happy to point out that Linhai has been manufacturing small engines and equipment for over 50 years. They are considered one of the top global brands, and in fact are outselling Suzuki in many markets around the world. They have been producing ATV’s for over 10 years now and with an increasing product line, and the strong value built into all their products, are poised to become a market leader in Canada. Still skeptical? Search google for “Linhai Yamaha” to learn more about their manufacturing partnership. The name may sound strange to you, but so did Honda to many 30 years ago. I am confident in saying that Linhai will be a big player in the powersports (ATV’s, Side by Sides, Scooters) in Canada in very short time.

Anyway, back to the Bighorn 28: This machine features a torquey liquid cooled four stroke engine with more than enough power (28hp) to get all the work done, and still have fun. Standard features include a hydraulic assist dump bed, large cargo carrying (and pulling) capacity, a walk thru cab design, full digital instrumentation, standard side doors and roof, disc brakes all around (with a separate disc brake just for the parking brake!! How’s that for thinking of everything??), and much more. With a selection of colors, including a cool looking white and a camo for the true outdoorsmen or hunter, there’s something for everyone. Oh yeah, did I mention the retail price is only $7,495 and that it has four wheel independent suspension??

Looking to save a little more money? Linhai also offers a Bighorn 21 Side by Side. This model is similar to the Bighorn 28 except it comes with a slightly smaller (but still competent) 21hp liquid cooled engine, steel wheels (versus aluminum on the Bighorn 28) and a solid rear axle (versus independent on the Bighorn 28). This is the perfect work vehicle and at a retail price of only $6,495 definitely suits todays smart consumer.

It’s worth noting that all Linhai products sold in Canada are covered by an industry standard parts and labor warranty. Financing is also available from your local Linhai dealer to make this purchase even more affordable. My final comments: I’m sold! I was skeptical at first, but upon doing more research and from testing the Bighorn 28, I have no reason to doubt that Linhai is a true player in the Canadian Powersports market.

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Nov. 20, 2010 at 11:10 AM

Hi i live in Alberta Canada, my wife and i went out looking for a used quad for around our small acreage just west of Edmonton we wound up buyingthe linhai 28 because the price difference and waranty. Shortly after we got home i became nervouse my cheepness had  failed me ,  you know you get what you pay for.

Then my brother and i started testing it out down some trails, hills, and some mud. So then we decided to load the box a couple hundred pounds. Proceeded down the same trail when we were finished i went to push the button back into 2 wheel drive to my amazement we had never been in 4x4.

SOLD .... i love it has never failed me yet.




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