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When Michael said he wanted to join the Army, I spiraled down into a deep depression.

I didn't even know I was depressed.  We sat for a group pic and no matter what I couldn't think to smile.

Not until my dh asked me to please smile.  I looked at the digital  pics and realized how hard this was actually hitting me.

Michael was hard headed and wanted to make his own way.  One of those situations where your child knows best and you can't tell them anything moments.

Michael went to Basic Training.  He graduated.  

Off he went to Hawaii where he met his wife.  Chelsea was born and raised on Hawaii.  She looks like the typical California blond but she isn't the typical dumb blond joke.

She goes to college year round working hard towards her degree in Psychology.  She has been on the Deans list.  All A's and gets very upset at an A-. lol

They got married in "07" and seem to be good for each other.

Michael ended up going to Iraq as a striker driver.  He won't tell me anything that has happened.  I wish he would but I won't push.  

I'm writing this way after the fact so a lot of the information is hazy to me.

I remember the fear I went through for over a week when I was on the phone with Michael talking and then there was a loud BANG BAM then silence.  No one told me that a satellite phone can drop at any moment.  I thought it was the sound of him being killed.  God I was afraid.  I finally got a call from him on a Sunday during our Sunday School class.

I was elated!  He was there for 15 months.

After he got home, the little sneak, drove from 1 am all the way straight out to surprise us!

He , and Chelsea, lives in Colorado and we are in Texas.  He snuck up behind me and grabbed me for a hug cheek to cheek.  Dh was in front of me and just looked on fondly at us.  I had no clue who he was.  I thought it was our younger son.  I was afraid dh heard news about Michael and that Ethan was upset.

Then slowly I turned my face and saw it was Michael!  OH I GRABBED HIM AND CRIED till I couldn't breath!  I think I crushed him. lol  I didn't know I could have such depth of joy.  

He stayed with us for almost two weeks.  I was in heaven!

Then he had to go back home.

I slept so hard the two weeks he was here.  All my baby chicks and dh was right under my feathers and I was complete.

As I write this I can feel my heart breaking.  Michael and Chelsea are ok but I am very afraid for him.

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