The last few days have been absolutely amazing and gorgeous...but yesterday, we had frost...beautifully covering the high im riding my bike I can feel the crunch and hardness of the ground...yes, its going to snow soon. Its going to be cold...and I have to admit, I kinda like it. Seasons, each bringing their own glory to my life. I have alot to complain about, but its just not worth my energy or time, I just figure, with each "hard thing" something new to be learned...I want to mobile in my thoughts and life...I woke up this morning, thinking of the people I ran into this previous the stranger at the foot of the butte standing beside the tree ...just standing there...I was a good distance away, resting and taking in the beauty of the sun on the side of the butte and watching wildlife scurring about. He still was standing there for a good 4 minutes, looking my direction....I felt uncomfortable. Time to pack it up, and then he moves. Walking towards me, I put my camera in my pack...and then, lol, he is walking a small dog...I climb onto my bike and start to move as he comes towards me, and as he approaches, i notice he is very old. We have a pleasant small chat. Funny, I was so paranoid. Then to be blessed by such a good small chat. Life is funny and I aim to take it in...with all its quirks and randomness.

I got love...and waiting to share it today.

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