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Its November—The month of being thankful. And although we may come from different countries, spiritual backgrounds and or traditions, one thing I think we can all
agree on is that in any culture we can all be grateful. My goal this
month for my blog was to post one thing I am thankful for each day
and add it to the body of my content.

Well sometimes even the best laid plans with great intentions don't come to fruition. This month started the opposite of good, and I had a deep moment of weakness. I was forced
to face something very personal that I had been dreading but I knew
would happen eventually. That knowledge didn't wholly prepare me but
I survived.

Here's the thing, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has moments of weakness, despair, or hopelessness. From the richest most successful person to your church
pastor. It doesn't matter who it is anyone can succumb to those
feelings and wallow in them briefly but you can not live there.

It is how we rise above self pity and use it to empower us that is a true testament to our fortitude, determinedness, and our want to thrive and not just survive. I am
grateful for for the trials and tribulations that I am faced with.
They give me the opportunity to take care of my situation and control
only what I can. Me. I am grateful for the positive people in my
life and for the support that they show me everyday. I am grateful
for my beautiful family. They are my reason for all that I strive to
achieve and for my friends, who refuse to give up on me and have
helped me even on my bumpiest strech in my path.

Take a moment to the the ones you love, the ones who help you and even the ones who have hurt you. They have helped to shape you into the amazing person you are today. =)

"Making a different choice gives you the opportunity to live a different life"--O.W.

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Nov. 11, 2010 at 10:46 AM

Well said...there is a 21 day gratitude challenge that I think you might like. Here is the

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