Order your La Bella gift baskets with enough time so they can arrive for the holidays!

Did you also know that La Bella Baskets sends care packages to our soldiers too!!!

It's bad enough you dont have them home with you but why not send a goody basket, something from home...........

Visit my website to order you gift basket so it can be delivered in time for the holidays!

Shop my store:


Or join my team today with 1.97 start up fee for 7 days then you will be billed 19.99. Your only monthly overhead is 19.99. This is a great company and offer great support coming from founders why not start with a company that's new and be one of the fist team leaders and go up in rank fast. No inventory to carry or purchase. The baskets sell them selves and go from warehouse to customer.

If you have question about the business click on the link bellow.


To your success,


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