Yes, Could use a little extra cash for the holidays

Yes, Could use some extra cash to help pay off Credit Card Bills

Yes, would LOVE to quit the Job I hate

YES, would love to get out of the house a couple nights a week and make some good cash

Not at this time (and email me when I can ask you again)

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Hey All.. I stopped doing BeautiControl and Started up my Partylite business again after being out of it for 6 years.  I am loving every minute of it..  Check out my website and see what it is all about. www.partylite.biz/sherimiller  IF You have any questions about the Business opportunity  (NO START UP COST) or about having your own IN HOME CANDLE SHOW, a TOUR OF TASTE SHOW or a BOOK PARTY.. Let me know.. you can either contact me off my website or email me here OR email my email addy candlelady1503@yahoo.com

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