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So many of you have approached me asking me what in the world am I doing with a weight loss company? I am so very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle for me and my family and it is amazing to be able to help others do the same we well. Visalus and the Body By Vi challenge is not about Weight Loss, but about a Total Lifestyle Transformation.

So NO I'm not trying to lose weight or get smaller. I am simply getting the nutrients that I have not been getting by drinking a yummy shake for breakfast(which was a meal that I just skipped before) and taking our Vi-Pak in the morning and evening which is a supplement for energy, anti-aging, omega vitals, multi mineral & vitamin and a supercharged antioxidant.

I feel so amazing just after a few days of doing this, more awake, alert and just all around better. I can't wait to see how I feel after 90 days!!! Trey(my husband) is also taking the 90 Day Challenge and he is replacing breakfast and lunch along with a metabolism booster and he, after just 3 days, has already lost 4lbs!!!!


A friend of ours lost 11lbs in his first 2 weeks and cut his diabetic meds in HALF.

A coworker of Trey's typically drinks 3-5 Monster energy drinks A DAY. we gave him one of our Neuro Smart Energy mixes to add to a bottle of water and he said he felt way better and more energized with just ONE Neuro then he did from 3-5 Monster energy drinks!!

There are so many amazing stories including the fact that Visalus is the FASTEST weight loss product in America with over 3 MILLION pounds lost in just 11months.

 Do you:







Then you HAVE to take this Challenge with us, you OWE it to yourself and to your FAMILY.

 So what will your story be? Who will you help?

You can get your product for free by just inviting 3 friends to take the challenge with you :-). So don't wait until New Years to get healthy, START RIGHT NOW!!


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