Question: How can we become as one and stop the stress?


We can have a Womens Day where us woman come together and pamper each other

We can walk for stress and the color could be purlpe for women all around the world

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         Nov-9th-2010 Today i joined a group called CafeMom. I think its real cool that women come together and talk about different topics. Sometimes were so wrapped up around our kids lives that we barely have me time for our selves. Us as woman have to endure in a lot of things such as cook, clean, work, pay bills ,laundry and etc its a lot on us. When was the last time we took a special break for ourselves and get pampered or do the things that we enjoy doing? Is that such a crime ? Most women are stressed out  and a lot of women are depressed and do alot of ill things like harming their kids. Which in my opinion i think thats sick and signs of weakness but some women need help. I think we should expand beyond and help each other out in such ways so we can stop this stress thats on a rise . Have meetings,  activities for the kids,and help each other out by babysitting its ways that we can can all become as one.

                                                                                                                                   Loving what I do


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