My grandmother had died before thanksgiving and i was crushed because i didn't get to say goodbye. We had moved to missouri to be close to my family which was a mistake. On december 25, 2008 greg and I had been texting eachother all day joking about getting married. We had discussed it earlier in our realtionship but nothing was final, it was just being discussed. At 8:49 pm on christmas day greg sent me a text asking me to marry him, i was shocked that it took a while to say yes. Later that night my dad came over to give us kids our christmas presents along with my step-mom , right in front of them he got down on one knee and re-asked me to marry him. I found out from my dad that he had aksed him for his persmission(which is hard to get.), i was so suprised, it was so sweet and romantic. I knew my grandmother and grandfather were watching from above and giving me thier babygirl approval to marry greg..

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Nov. 9, 2010 at 4:03 PM

That is sweet!!!

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