I was recommended a site today by a friend. The name of the site is It's thoughtful. Right now when you invite and sign up 15 friends, by 12/20/10, you will receive a 25.00 gift card to Amazon. I have verified this through a frugal freebie site I am a member of and the offer is legit. As some of you know I have a freebie blog that I love posting on.

I figured I would pass this along since it could help many of you Mamas out there. 25.00 will cover a pillow pet on Amazon..which is what I am shooting for!

Please sign up with me here:

http://www.itsthoughtful.com/christmas-gift-contest/2287/fb/ Sign up is free and took me about 20 seconds to complete.

and vote for my gift suggestion here:


You will also be in the running for a 500.00 Amazon gift card by doing a gift suggestion.

Thank you guys!

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