Part one.

First Bloom

It's funny how one word can change your whole life. That one word suddenly turns you in to a protector, then everything you do for nine months of your life revolves around a tiny, little dot of a human being. For some that one word comes as a shock, but for others, like me, we need to hear that one word and even see it in it's 'two blue lines' form more than once. Four times I took a test and four times it read POSITIVE!!

Two years earlier I had had what was called a 'false positive test.' My period was a week over due and I went to my local pharmacy who did a pregnancy test for £5. The pharmacist took my water sample and my money and told me the test result was positive. I was over the moon and promptly made an appointment with my GP to tell him the news and to make all the necessary arrangements for checks etc. He told me to make an appointment for the following week and he would organise an appointment with the midwife. I did see my GP a week later but it was in my bedroom because I was bleeding quite heavily. He telephoned for an ambulance and off I went to hospital. At the hospital my blood pressure was low and the female doctor gave me an internal examination. She told me I hadn't been pregnant in the first place and explained how sometimes a pregnancy test can give a false positive reading, and it was possible the test was from a faulty batch. Back at my flat that night I cried and I cried until the tears ran dry.

Ray and me had been together for three years before we decided to marry and tried to conceive for two of those years. We married in May 1997 on my 25th birthday. After chatting to my GP he arranged for us to attend the infertility clinic at our local hospital for tests and I got an appointment date through for the beginning of November. On Tuesday 2nd September I found myself stood in my doctors surgery awaiting the result of my fourth pregnancy test. It was positive just like the three before it. I'll never forget the date because Princess Diana died on Sunday 31st August 1997 and while the country was in mourning, two days later I was jumping for joy at the thought of a new little life inside of me.

My GP warned me to have plenty of rest due to having two major spinal operations when I was fifteen.  I had  some metal work inserted at either side of my spine. He warned the added weight might not suit and I should put my feet up whenever I could. Yeah, yeah ok doc ...whatever. Was my attitude. I felt great, infact I had never felt so good. I was taking a folic acid and vitamin supplement and I felt like the bionic woman. My skin was fantastic and pregnancy suited me so well. My sister-in-law was also pregnant with her second child and her due date was two weeks after mine. We compared everything, even went out buying maternity wear and baby clothes together. Life was good....or so I thought!!

To be continued....

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