i need help finding a lawyer so i can file a law suit against my sons school cause i am tired of playing there games and at the rate they are going the are going to get my son hurt ok well here is a little back story on monday last week ithey put my son on the wrong bus and sent him to my aunts house with out my permission so on tuesday i went to the school and talked to the prenciable about it and then on wendsday he went back to school and they put him on a different bus to who knows where again without my permission so on thursday i went to the school and talked to the superintendent and was assured that there wouldnt be any more problems well today i called the school twice and told them to send my son to my aunts house because i was at the dr.office with my youngest well at 4 i reseaved a call from my aunt saying that the bus drove by and didnt stop to drop him off so i call the school and talk to someone in the bus shed who laughs at me when i tell him that they put my son on the wrong bus again so he starts radioing the busses looking for him while he does that i call my grandma and ask her to drive by my house and see if he is there because i was still at the dr.office well my grandma calls back and tells me that he was there at home the bus runs at my house around 315 so he was home by hisself for 45 minutes this is the last straw i dont know what else to do other then to contact a lawyer and make the school pay for tuition for him to go to anouther school around here because i cant afford it myself

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