As a little girl, I was considered "Mean".   Today they would call it "Hyper'.  I was a good kid but I had my moments.  Today as I aurgued once again with my ever so bold 12 year old,  I came to the conclusion that we would both be happier if we just stopped talking until he is 18.  Of course the only good part of that would be not having to hear, "I have no clean underwear!"  LOL. 

Then I began to think of my sweet mom who is very ill with Lupus.  She has called me several times in the past few days because I have been ill.  All the auguments that we had when I was younger were not worth the pain I am sure I caused her.  We really don't think about our words and the affect they have while they are coming out of our mouths.  If we could rewind and go back to the times we shoul have kept our mouths shut, we would all be living in the past.  I know I would at least.

So I guess my peace treaty with my 12 year old will need some work.  So its off I go to swallow some crow as I giggle in the corner while My husband fights the same battle with him.  Maybe its just the age.  Or maybe its just the way life is.kissing

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