I remember my only school crush was in 5th grade, I remember the immediate and intense feeling of being "in love". I remember after 8 months of drooling over him he became my first boyfriend, I know he was my first kiss but I don't remember the kiss itself. I remember my first experience with drama as well - we broke up and got back together 4 times in a year's time, I ended the cycle by refusing to get back together despite still being head over heels for the guy. For awhile I even regretted the decision; being shy and a little weird didn't really attract middle school boys while my first love never had a problem going through one girlfriend after the other. Eventually I got over it and moved on. (In fact I still see that boy from time to time since he's become one of my cousin's best friends and even after 13 years he's still cute) I didn't feel that same "crush" feeling again for a few years when I met my husband. I met Murphy and Danny at a local rock concert; we became friends and I often spent my time after school hanging out with them at their aunt's diner eating burgers and fries and drinking soda amongst spending a little time studying and even less time doing homework. Then one day as we sat my future hubby walked in with an impish grin and plenty of swagger. My first thought was that he was the kind of boy that could be emotionally unhealthy for a girl. I already knew he had a reputation, dating almost every waitress in the diner, and the diner staff loved to gossip. Jonathan sat with us and laid the charm on thick. I played it cool, joking and acting as normal as possible while praying neither he nor his equally charming brothers would notice I was reeling inside. My heart was pounding, my hands trembled and by the time I was ready to go I had memorized the color of his eyes, the scars on his eyebrow and bottom lip, the way his eyebrow arched when he looked at me while ignoring the flirting waitress, the smoothness of his voice - with an edge of an Irish accent (he moved here from Dublin just before his 14th birthday), the way his hair may look jet black at first but on a closer inspection his hair had a hint of red in it. For weeks I tried to pretend he was just another guy but I was infatuated and I think he knew it. I've been with this man for 10 years, married for 8 years and have 4 amazing kids. He isn't perfect, he is exactly what I thought he was the moment I met him. He is someone with faults, imperfections, and just a little bit crazy. He make me feel like I'm insane, he can piss me off to the point of borderline homicidial thoughts - we've even split a few times in the last 10 years - he can be an asshole, he has a bit of a mean streak and a temper when he loses control of it but he is an amazing father and despite his imperfections he is still the sweetest and most charming man I've ever met. He knows me so well; I don't need to ask him to do things for me, he knows when I need help and when I'd rather do things on my own. He genuinely still loves hearing about my day, my thoughts and opinions. I also love how well he can put up with me; I have my faults too. I can be mean and spiteful. I can be sweet and charming as well. I think we compliment eachother perfectly and despite the rough patches we fought through - I love him more with each passing day.

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Nov. 9, 2010 at 9:53 PM

How beautiful!!!!  Thanks for sharing...

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Nov. 9, 2010 at 10:08 PM

my first impression of my so was of him almost sliding into me during a kickball game. it was in 9th grade and when he almost hit me he just gave me this big smile. we have been together 12 yrs.

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Nov. 9, 2010 at 11:07 PM

I met my hubby in the 6th grade in beginning band :) My first impression of him? "OMG what a douche." Honest to goodness, through middle school I thought he was a self absorbed jerk (because he was LOL). I refused to hang out with him because he hung out with the little peppy preppy fake girls. Then at the end of our Freshmen year, I moved away and he made sure I had his phone number and email address. I kept in contact with him through highschool and when I moved back home at the end of my Senior year, he started pestering me for a date. I turned him down a couple of times and cancelled about 4 times. The  last time I was calling to cancel again but he refused to answer his phone! Hehe, we've been together 5 and a half years now. Married, with three beautiful little girls.

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