We have been working really hard on our "big Plan" (formerly the 2 year plan, but it will be considerably sooner) and we have been letting Jayne help. We have to pay things down to a certain point before I can be a WAHM (artist) and Jayne does little things like turn off the lights and things that he is not using and keeping his pull ups dry at night, or trying to at least. The other night as we are tucking him in he tells us that he wants us to take all his toys and sell them. WHY?! because then we will have more money for our big plan and I can stay home with him faster...OMG! I cannot believe that my 3 year old son is so giving and also how much he really wants me home. We went out and got him a calender and set it up on his wall so that he can see all the days till I stay home and check them off as they go by. We figure this will give him a better sense that the day is an actual day and not just "some day down the line". We are also taking a family day tomorrow to draw animals at the zoo. We are going to have a fantastically leisurly day together not thinking about or discussing the plan. I am glad that he is involved on the process and the calender seems to be helping. I even put other noteable days up so he can see them aproach as well and he likes that. He was pretty excited to see the zoo on the calender for tomorrow. So, anyway, I just had to share my incredibly sweet moment with my son : )

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