So today has been a very trying day.

I'm trying a new parenting technique. I feel like I'm failing at it and then in my frustration revert back to my old ways, which just totally suck  because really? A grown woman yelling at a four year old is just stupid.

I had to listen to a friend call and bitch about some "bratty" kid that came into her store today. I can't wait until she has her own kids and finds out how fucking unhelpful she was to that mother. I asked her "So, do you think maybe he was autistic or had somthing cruddy happen that day" "No. How should I know?" WTF REALLY?!?!?! Ugh.

I live with my grandparents (moved in while hubby was in Basic to help THEM out mind you. I pay 1200 a  month for rent in a house we all share and I put 300 towards groceries, clean house AND do my share of cooking and laundry) and I'm being constantly hmm'd and haww'd about how I raise my kids. I don't want to freaking hear it! I'm doing the best I can by myself and people sitting around making unhelpful rude comments isn't helping. If you don't have somthing nice to say or somthing constructive, stfu. (I'm a bowl of joy today arn't I?) I hate people playing the guilt card on me and I really hate seeing it played on my kids. Whats better? THEIR kids didn't turn out all that great anyways!!! My mum is an immature, dependant woman and my uncle is just a jerk 90% of the time. Please, please don't tell me that your way is better, because it's not.

I am trying to lose weight. My grandmother is diabetic and overweight so I've been introducing a lot of "whole wheat" to replace the other stuff. Every chance she gets she changes it. I throw out junk food or move it to the pantry, because neither of us need the temptation and it definetly shouldn't be left where my kids can reach it. So what does she do? Comes home with twice as much JUNK. I hate it. Even if she doesn't want to better her health, I'd hope that she wouldn't be so blatantly unsupportive.

I can not wait for my husband to get his orders so I can go back to running MY OWN household. I love my grandparents and appreciate them but I can't handle this anymore.

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