Today Dillon got his TB shot. We go back Friday for them to check it and then I will go that afternoon to register him and he will start school Monday!! We saw the classroom and he got to play with the kids. We also walked with them to lunch and I got to see how they do all that and it really helped alleviate a lot of my anxiety I had about lunch time. It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be in there.

I start my new classes tonight for my new term. I'm taking a social science class: Intro to the 1960's or something like that. And then I'm also taking Personality Development. I can't wait!

I got some really bad news this afternoon. A long time family friend of me and my family back home in NY died today in a farming accident. He fell off of his tractor (they think because he had a heart attack but don't know for sure yet) and then he was run over by it. So tragic. His youngest son, Michael, found him. Mike is my age, we dated on and off in middle school and his daughter was born on Dillon's birthday a year or two later though. I cannot even imagine finding my father, let alone any person, in that kind of accident.

I haven't talk to any of them in years, but I was close with their family and grew up with their sons until I had went away to the Navy in 2004 after I graduated high school. Please keep them in your thoughts, it's a very hard time for their friends and family.

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