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Ok, I've been away for awhile. Life got really busy and overwhelming for awhile but I'm finally getting to a calmer place I think. For those of you who know me on facebook you know a little of what's been going on. Nothing bad has happened.. just life.

I am not working any longer. My friend and I were working ourselves to death in our new business of cleaning houses. My arms and shoulders hurt so bad I couldn't sleep in our bed. Merle wanted me to come home from the business so I did. He'd never asked anything of me before.

Jason (my 23 year old twin son) married his sweetheart this past March 6th and he and Chris are now expecting their first baby (my first grandbaby!) May 5th. She is living at home with her parents while he is in Afghanistan. He should be home in May sometime. We are hoping with fingers crossed!!!

Donnie Lee has finally gotten past blaming himself for his dad's death. He had nothing to do with his dad dying at all, he only found his dad passed away in his bed. He was 44 years old. But when you are young and are traumatized like that you tend to take the blame on yourself. It was the only thing that made sense to him at the time. He is now living in Florida with his aunt and uncle and he finally seems happier then he has in awhile.

Ashlee is living in Hiawatha (about 12 miles from home) with her boyfriend, Eric. She went to school and got her cna and is going back to school in December for her cma. She is taking care of an older lady right now. She has had her own struggles. She's lost her first baby a couple of months ago but she's a trooper and has really been growing up. It seems to have made both her and Eric stronger which is a good sign. Tough circumstances have away of tearing people apart or making them stronger. I'm proud of the way she and Eric have been dealing with this.

Jessi is graduating high school in May and will be in college this fall. It doesn't seem possible.

Merle lost his dad this January which was hard on the whole family. Its never easy losing someone you love. Especially the head of a family but everyone is trying to adjust. He is never forgotten. I can't believe how many times I find myself thinking about him and missing his smile. He was a pretty cool guy and we all miss him. 

 Merle tried to retire but found out he's been busier then ever. He's needed the distractions.

It hasn't all been hard though. We've taken time outs and gone a few places. We were able to go to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, we've made a trip to the mountains in Colorado and we spent ten days in Ireland. That's a dream I had had all my life.

At any rate, we have been living life.. or its been living us. Sometimes I'm not sure, but I know we have been blessed. The only thing I really want to ask for is for my son to come home from Afghanistan the sooner the better. I want all of them to come home and the sooner the better but until he does and they do, I will keep on praying for all of them.

I'm going to wrap this up and head off to bed. My daughter has a dentist appointment tomorrow and I also go pick up one of my dogs from the vet. He had surgery on one of his knee's today that had no cartilege left. In about 6 weeks he will have to do this again. He's only about 6 years old so he's kind of young but he's a pomeranian and they say this happens alot in pomeranians.  So I am heading to bed but I'll be around.....

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