So I have three munchkins. I was on the pill when I got pregnant with #1 and #2, #3 we were just using condoms since I was nursing, LOL. So I figured I'd better up my birth control this time around and went with the Implanon implant.

I stopped having periods which was great but it amplified my anxiety/depression issues. So I've been thinking of getting it taken out. ANYWAYS, my hubby has been gone since June. I got to see him in October for his graduation from basic and ait and his family kept cracking jokes that I was going to wind up pregnant since it had been so long. PSHAW I told them, Implanon was supposed to be more effective than female sterilization.

So here I am, three weeks later.

Cramping, sensitive boobs, nauseous, cranky and tired constantly. I took a test from the dollar store two days ago (Come on, they all test for the same dern thing) and it came up negative, but since then my symptoms have gotten more noticeable.

It's possible that it's just my hormones going out of whack, but what if I am?

His family is totally never going to let me live this down! LOL

I'm going to go to the store tomorrow and get the most expensive prego test I can grab, just in case, LOL.

I'll update ya'll tomorrow!

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