Well, as I promised last week- another tutorial / Recipe to help you clean for pennies and keep it green while you do it!

 I am sure you have noticed by now, I love my Arm & Hammer!  And why not?  you can get it for under a dollar, it has no fumes or nasty chemicals that you have to worry about, AND one of it's greatest properties is that it can absorb nasty odors!

So, here is my recipe for an excellent carpet deodorizer AND you can use the same mix for a Carpet cleaner/stain remover with just a simple formula change!

Grab yourself a container that can act as a "sprinkler"- I use a sugar jar (you know the ones, the glass tall jars with silver screw top lids and  they have a small metal flap over the hole, when you tip them the sugar comes out- a lot of old family style dining restaurants use them!  I got mine at Dollar General for 2 for 1.00!)  You can use any container or old butter dish with a lid, just poke several holes into the lid for the product to sprinkle out of.  You could also use a glass with some mesh or an old potato bag over the top.  Use a rubber band to hold it in place.

Here is my mix:

2 cups of baking soda

1 cup borax

3 drops of essential oil (I usually use Rosemary because I have a dog- rosemary really gets the pet smell out of your home!  Or you could use something comforting or relaxing like sandalwood or lavender).

Mix well, break down all the lumps.  Let sit in your container with an airtight lid for several days.  This will allow the essential oils to blend into and become absorbed by the product.  Then when ready, sprinkle onto your carpet and let set a few hours.  When ready, vacuum up.  That is it!

To use as a carpet cleaning product, simply add the same ratio of borax to baking soda.  Apply dry to the area, then rub with a wet sponge or cloth.  Rub area well, then use a clean wet cloth or sponge to rinse the area.  Repeat this until the white "film" that the wet mix caused is up.  Let dry- vacuum.  The product will easily vacuum away leaving the area clean.  (Spot test first!!!- some dyes and fabrics can be altered with borax).

To clean an ENTIRE carpet- sprinkle the dry mix everywhere you want cleaned.  Then use a damp sponge mop to work the product in.  Follow with a clean damp sponge mop to "rinse" the product from the carpet.  Try to not get your carpet soaking wet.  When the mix dries, it will easily vacuum up.  Again, spot test before you add borax to your carpet just to ensure it will not alter the dyes.

Your carpets will be clean and smell fantastic!  Try it!

Ok- make sure you come back next week!  I am going to start My Mommy's Marketing for the Holidays tips, tutorials, links and ideas!  I would love for you to share yours, too!  Plus some free opportunities - Free advertising, share your link or url with my Mommy Tyme newsletter subscribers, and more! 

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