chris is on adderal to help his mind calm down enough that he can hear the world around him(best explanation he gave me). Well we have been on the current dose for about 4 months. this past month i could tell it is not working as it should!

he is bringing home yellows, reds and blues from school for behavior situations and at home is one mess of nervous frustrated bawling melting down child! I can not do anything to stop it and unfortunately right now he can not process anything enough to hear it anyway!

so this morning is check-up time and refill time. His teacher sunday school teacher and case worker all filled out forms as well as myself. Looking at them we are all seeing the same child. The child who is once again locked in his mind. So we have to up the dose and pray!

I truly do hate to dose him, it took a long time to do it,. but when he came home after that first day with a green card and a smile then said, Mom i can hear everything again. I bawled and felt horrible for not doing it sooner.

He is learning now, and we are trying to teach coping techniques and ways to deal with everything, but he is young yet, and i am sure we have a while until it completely gels in his little whirlwind mind.

I am hopeful that after today we will have the Chris we have come to know recently back and it will last a while!

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Nov. 10, 2010 at 9:34 AM

I hope it all gets better for you and Chris.  I can't imagine how he must feel. 

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