For some, it means saying their bedtime prayers & for others, drinking some chamomile tea or writing down their frustrations on a journal.  Whatever works for you, try relaxing before going to bed. When you don't get enough sleep your alertness will be reduced as much as 32%.Your ability to think and process information is brought low. Conflicts and stress in your life will definitely deprive you from sleep. I like watching a football game before going to bed. My dad used to watch football games at night when I was child & I'll fall sleep with the noise of the TV. Don't go to bed angry or frustrated. When you go to bed angry those thoughts might affect your dreams & you'll have nightmares. You should also avoid any type of caffeine before going to bed. Drink some caffeine free tea or warm milk instead. Also, don't do any type of exercising before going to bed since exercising releases endorphins that will make you happy & active. Instead, exercise during the day so you'll feel tired at night & fall sleep more easily. Not getting enough sleep might also lead into obesity, heart disease, and other illnesses. When you are sleeping your body produces cytokines, chemicals that help the immune system fight off infection and disease. Five to six hours of sleep is the minimum you need. However, most people need seven to eight hours. People with depression get very little or no deep sleep. Although the person feels tired he/she will not be able to fall sleep except if taking medication or having the right nutrition. If you feel depressed try engaging in social activities instead or retreating into your shell. This will help you feel less depress & therefore you'll be able to rest well at night. Good Luck!

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