I slept like shit last night. I had heart burn pretty bad... (I swear the ice cream did me in) and I couldn't get comfortable and my hips/pelvis hurts to turn over from side to side, and its this big effort to roll over.

I got up at about 630am and Jake had left early this morning (like 3am kind of early.)

I was naked and had to find some kind of clothing to take the puppy out, normally i'd just do it naked but I live in a neighborhood now, so I had to throw on a bathrobe.. (okay, freezing November weather with fog and frozen grass probably is a bad idea to be naked in anyways.)

The puppy won't go potty if you don't walk outside with him, he'll just sit on the stairs and howl... so I have to go out and walk in the grass with him.

I jerked my back when carrying the puppy down the stairs because it was frozen and I slipped and almost fell.... luckily I some how kept from falling on my face, or dropping the puppy, but my back isn't doing so good today now.

we walked around for about 30 minutes to make sure he went potty properly.... and HE walked up the stairs by himself.

then I got back inside, being far more careful on the stairs this time. (and I was freezing, that thin bathrobe wasn't enough to keep me warm when I was outside that long!)

I put the other dogs out, fed them, got my son up for school, got his clothes laid out, and then realized the house needed picked up, so I went around the house trying not to trip over the puppy picking up the house.

I fed the puppy breakfast while I washed my son's hair, and then let my son play while I went to take a shower.

I took the puppy outside again, and he pooped 2x and peed once... I figured i'd be safe to take a shower and there's no way he'd have to go again in the 15-20 minutes it would take to shower....

Wrong! while I was in the shower, he pooped on the bathroom floor and stepped in it.

so I had to give him a bath, and scrub the bathroom floor on my hands and knees to get all the paw prints off... (btw, pregnancy hormones make the smell of that REALLY strong... I was gagging the entire time.)

Then my son dropped his shirt into the tub when getting dressed because he was in such a hurry... (I don't know why, he had plenty of time!) so he had to get a new shirt and I had to wipe up the mess from him pulling his shirt out of the bathtub and flinging it all over the bathroom to tell me he made a mess... and of course that made a BIGGER mess....

Then, he spilled his cereal all over the floor and I had to help him clean it up....

And Jake forgot to clean the litter box, and my son's toilet flooded too.

I didn't get to even sit down for my morning coffee until way later in the day.

I walked my son to the bus stop, and he was being dramatic and not listening, and almost ran in-front of the garbage truck and was running in the middle of the street.

So, I grabbed his hand and made him stand by me and he threw a tantrum in front of all our new neighbors about me making him stand by me when the "other kids" didn't have too.

I pointed out the other kids were listening to their parents and didn't run into the middle of the street and as soon as he could calm down enough to listen to me, he could play with the other kids, but he had to prove he could listen for his own safety....

At one point I looked at him and told him "Stop being so dramatic." when he was whining.

I really was running out of patience this morning. And, his behavior was embarrassing in front of the other parents. It was my first time meeting them and he was acting out of control and crazy. (And, normally he's REALLY well behaved and listens well.)

I had a morning from hell, and I really want the rest of my day to just go smoothly....

On the upside, our puppy isn't afraid of anything and sits and lets all the kids pet him with out acting afraid of a bunch of kids crowding him and doesn't jump on them... he's amazing for an 8 week old puppy. he's so different from our last dog...

The bus was late, and it was cold. I was FREEZING with out gloves on, and we stood out there for over 30 minutes and it FINALLY came.

The other parents told me it is late all the time, but sometimes its on time, so you can't really plan on it being late.

It would have been faster to just drive him to school... that's how late the bus was (and how close the school is to our house.)

I need to do laundry, and clean the kitchen up a bit, there's dog prints on the floor from our rat terrier coming in from the wet grass, and I have my midwife apt today and I need to go pick up our other 2 chairs for our dining room table.

I want to vacumn as well, but i'm not sure were Jake stuck it. LOL

All in all, I am going to go to my midwife apt, pick up the chairs, and maybe try to squeeze in some lunch at my favorite restaurant before I come back home to meet our son's bus after school...

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Nov. 10, 2010 at 12:49 PM

It will get better honey, I promise! I don't know if I could handle training a puppy while pregnant, with another little one at home! Think how much energy you are putting into that animal, Lord baby, you have certainly filled your plate up!

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Nov. 10, 2010 at 1:00 PM

haha, it's really not so bad. the puppy is really the least of my troubles. LOL my husband and son are worse than the puppy is when it comes to taking care of the house.

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Nov. 10, 2010 at 2:59 PM

Um, it is safe for you to go into labor anytime now, right?  Cuz if not, that sounds like you are doing way more than you should be for someone on bedrest!

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Nov. 10, 2010 at 3:17 PM

wow its suck a good thing that you are off of bedrest other wise you husband would go insane!  I dont think I would want that much on my plate if I were pregnant though

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Nov. 10, 2010 at 4:14 PM

Yeah...  Sometimes Life turns crudy.  I've been feeling down lately... A lot on my mind and none of it good, a lot a miscellanious worries...  SIGH and DAMN ! 

But,---you REALLY DID have a HELL OF A MORNING, Hon...

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Nov. 10, 2010 at 5:16 PM

@Mary - Yes, i'm off bedrest and safe to go into labor at any point now. :)

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 9:55 AM

I totally feel your pain ;-)

my daughter was especially dramatic this morning too... hooray for her spending the night at grandma's tonight!! lol and if Jason doesn't clean out the cat box today when he gets home from school I am not sure I can handle sitting in the living room (with the preggo nose I can smell it all the way from the garage) lol

hope your weekend goes more smoothly!!

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Nov. 13, 2010 at 4:29 PM

talk about a busy day lol i understand days like that all too well. i watch 5 kids and have to constantly be on the go somewhere it seems. naptime is about the only time i can get anything done without a child asking me to do something or asking all sorts of questions.

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