Question: Would you be interested in my life in a "Reality Journal" ?


Yes it would be interesting to read your "Reality Journal"

No I wouldn't be interested in following your "Reality Journal"

Maybe. Sometimes it would be interesting to see the drama in someone else's life cause I get tired of my own.


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I've decided to start my Reality Journal off with this song. I'm gonna say the lyrics as a daily prayer.  11/10/10

So, I thought I would start this Journal because someone asked in a post if you would ever do a reality show?I said, "HE!! NO!" this is the closest thing I would ever do unless they were gonna pay a rediculous amount of money to do a reality show.

Anyway here we are, Day 1;  Wed. 11/10/10

I woke up at around 5am got my book light , which is broken but I tuck it around my ear and aim it at my book, and I read my Historical Romance Novel til 6:30. My hubby is using a sleep apnea machine and it is so soothing compared to his outrageous snoring. So I fell back to sleep and woke up at 7:30.  My 17yr old son has been staying at a friends house a lot because our downstairs was flooded a month ago. But he was in his bed again and I forgot to set the alarm. So I bolted up and threw some clothes on. He hollered at me to hurry. That's a 1st. I had a hard time getting the car door open and realized it was a little frozen shut. It is freezing this morning and I look over at my son and he is wearing shorts. I'm not gonna say anything cuz he's a big boy now. 

So I dropped him off at school and headed home. I have such a hard time driving the 20MPH in the school zone but I was brought to reality when I saw the motorcycle cop sitting at the spot where a toddler was killed last month. Yeah, one of my sons class mates, a girl, ran into another car which caused it to run over the toddler as the toddlers mom and siblings were crossing the street.  So sad for everyone involved but I have a feeling the girl may have been texting or just on her cell. That is a serious wake up call for all of you who think it's ok.

Back at home, my hubby is on his laptop on the couch. His friend, who we have known since before we got married 27yrs ago, is staying with us in our trailer in our yard. He is making a fire in the wood stove. The kids know him as "Uncle Bill"  It's funny, we were at my sons football game on Sat. and Bill was sitting behind me and to the left of my hubby and he says , I remember when I used to change that boys diapers. Look at him now, he is tackeling those guys like a bull.

So my hubby leaves for work. And Bill goes back out to the trailer. I have some oatmeal with apples and some coffee and watch the news. Now I'm checking my email and decide to get on cafemom. I have been thinking lately that if I were to die I should start a journal for my kids and grandkids. I think this is where I will start.

Yesterday I had to take our cat to the vet cause he has allergies to fleas and has scratched himself raw. It is horrible! Today Webster is on the mend. I just took a break from the Journal to give him his antibiotic and forgot to wear gloves and he scratched the He!! out of me. Oh great and I just noticed I got some of that pink stuff on my white shirt. I swear I should have bought stock in Oxy Clean!!! LOL

I think I'll take a break and check out the cafemom drama. The coffee is really kicking in now. LOL

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