You have not walked a mile in the persons shoes to know what happened that they need PA. I was doing well while on pa,I got a job,and childcare assistance.June I got dropped off cash assstance but kept the childcare assistance & fs.My job was going well til my hrs go cut from 25hrs down to 15hrs.I lost my childcare assistance because my hrs went to 15hrs a wk.15hrswas semi doable for chidcare & bills not much but it worked.I quit my job bcause i was only scheduled 8hrs a wk 8hrs doesnt cover 60.00 dollar childcare nor a bill for that matter.I went to apply for cash assistance because i wasnt able to make it.I was denied becuse I made to much over 163.00 a mnth to qualify forget that my hrs dropped & i couldnt afford to pay childcare.Now you can bash if you want but my family cant watch my child because they *gasp* have jobs.So dont bash because I stopped working.When you hit a place you cant afford a bill or childcare & you have to choose between the 2 there is a huge huge prob..I still have fs and I get my final paycheck this sat. I have to wait a complete mnth to even apply for assistance because thats what i was told to do.I am still job hunting have been job hunting since my hrs got cut from 25-15hrs a wk.

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