Our house is a crazy place!  It was originally my daughter and I, in this big old house.  We had a dog, and a cat, and it was nice and peaceful and quiet around here.  Then my stepson from my previous marriage moved in, and about 6 months later my daughter's father moved in.  He had been in San Diego for the first 14 years of her life, with very little contact with his daughter. He finally moved up here to get to know her better, and to support her.  The only problem was that she had gotten used to the idea that she didn't have a daddy in her life, and she had learned to live with it.  So he was a little disappointed when he realized that she wasn't ever going to be daddy's little girl, he waited way too long for that to ever happen.

    The problem is that I can't stand the man!  So it's safe to say that he's not going to do or say much that pleases me!  He's retired from the Navy, and also works 40 hours a week to give our daughter every thing her little heart desires. But along with that come the neverending lies.  I mean LIES about  every thing, big or small, the man can't take responsibility for anything, I can't stand the way he LIES.  Add that to the fact that he is an alcoholic, and if he is ever without his bottle of rum, he's a bitch!  For an example: I asked him the other day how old he had been when his mother married his stepfather, he said "oh i don't want to get into that", I said why not?  How old were you?  He says 22. I said really, you were 22?  So you didn't even grow up with him as your dad, did you? He said Yes I did, my mother was 22. Okay, I said, how old were you?  He says, "i was 12".  Every thing that comes out of his mouth makes just that much sense!  I swear he has drank himself stupid!  My daughter doesn't like to talk to him or be near him when he is drinking. She says, why bother? I'll just have to repeat myself  over and over. It was a really big deal for her to give him a hug, she says she just can't make herself do it!  Then my son moved home last year, he is 34, and the first week he was here, he said, Mom, you have to give the poor man a chance!  You are forever complaining about him, or laughing about him.  He said, he's a hard worker and deserves some respect.  Well, it took about 2 months, and he completely understands now!  He says that when Bill starts talking, his teeth set on edge!  I said I know what you  mean!

Now my problem is going to be figuring out how to buy my daughter a Kindle.  She has her heart set on one, and he promised it to her.   His promises so far have always turned out to be big disappointments.

Well that's all for right now, thanks for letting me vent.

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